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Our platform connects investors,professionals, and retirees with dual citizenshipacross the EU

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Global RCG integrates and automates every step of the dual citizenship process so it runs smoothly - from identifying your eligibility, to tracking down vital records, to preparing your citizenship application and monitoring the program itself

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Gain access to citizenship rights in the EU

records hub

Centralize the identification and retrieval of important documents

Market analytics & tools

Validate what you know and arehearing with reliable data


Real-time access to
subject-matter experts and peers


Real-time access to
subject-matter experts and peers

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Citizenship Eligibility Assessment

Find out if you qualify...for free!

Share your GEDCOM file and complete a 5-minute survey and learn whether you qualify for ancestry-based citizenship.

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Vital records hub

Centralize and automate your document collection

legal review

Each application is reviewed by local immigration attorneys vetted by Global RCG

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How To

Why reinvent the wheel?

Access the latest program updates and timely country-specific bestpractices and trends


Network Insights

Ever wonder how your peers are
successfully navigating the citizenship application process?

Obtain targeted solutions to common questions faced by your peers


Connect with like-minded peers, learn from those who went before you

Expert Advisors

Direct access to subject matter experts overseas

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