How we’re different

Save time, avoid mistakes and connect with peers

By automating the document identification and retrieval process, we help prepare dual citizenship applications faster and more accurately

How we’re different

We remove uncertainty in a stressful, high-stakes process

The high stakes nature of this once-in-a-lifetime process make it particularly important to get things right

Discovery and learn at your pace
Validate what others are saying
How we’re different

We are all-in

Fully committed to your success, we commit to refund our fees, in the event of a denial.


Vital Records Dashboard

Locate, track and safely store your most important application documents

Fee Benchmarking Tools

Validate what you’re receiving from foreign advisors and vendors

Program Timeline Calculator

Find out how long your application is likely to take before its adjudicated

How we’re different

Our approach resonates well with
North American-based consumers

The Global RCG Advantage


“Freedom ain't free” but we’re working hard
to make it as accessible as possible


Our members discover,
earn and progress at their own pace

Option to pay over time

Monthly payment plans
(up to 18 months, if needed)