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Italian Citizenship
Via Ancestry

Program Overview

Three types of eligibility

Path #1

By Birth

Path #2

By Descent

Path #3

Citizenship via Naturalization

Benefits of Italian Dual Citizenship

The main benefits of having Italian Citizenship:

  • One of the strongest passports in the world with 160+ visa free countries.
  • The ability to work, reside and study in Italy and across the 27 EU member states (e.g. Spain, France, Germany, Netherlands etc.) without the need
    of a Visa.
  • EU citizens are often prioritized over people from outside the EU for many professional and educational opportunities.
  • Simplified and more cost-effective process to purchase properties in Italy.
  • Tax-Free import of vehicles (car, trucks etc.) directly from the US to Italy.
  • You will have access to public medical care and high-quality public education as available to EU citizens.
  • You will have the right to vote for the Italian Parliament representative
    in your region.
  • You will be able to transfer Italian citizenship to all children under 18 years old automatically.

Who is Eligible to Apply

  • Your ancestor must have still been a citizen of Italy and did not renounce their citizenship or become naturalized as a citizen of another country (intentionally) before the next generation was born.
  • Eligibility will be determined by whether your ancestor who you would be making a claim under, would have still been recognized as a citizen of Italy at the time of their child’s birth in a foreign country. If your Italian-born ancestor was naturalized before the next person in your family line was born, you would not be eligible to claim Italian citizenship through that ancestor through Jure Sanuinis.
  • A person should take into account is July 1, 1912, which is when law 555/1912 regarding citizenship was put into effect. This law includes provisions which are for the most part still in effect today. Any ancestors who became naturalized before July 1, 1912 would be unable to transmit citizenship to the next generation, even to children born before that person’s naturalization. This is because the line of citizenship would have been broken.

Free Italian Citizenship Eligibly Assessment

Vital Records Requirements

Documents which need to be obtained for your parent, grandparent or great grandparent. It’s also essential that these documents are *apostilled and translated into Italian by a translator approved by your local Italian consulate.

  • Birth Certificate – Certificate from the commune in which your parent, grandparent or great grandparent was born.
  • Death Certificate – If your parent, grandparent or great grandparent has since passed, you will need to obtain a death certificate.
  • Marriage Certificate – Applicable if your parent(s) or grandparent(s) happened to get married in Italy.
  • Naturalization Certificate – If no passport or citizen ID is available, you will need a naturalization certification for your parent, grandparent or great grandparent.
  • Personal Certificates – You should submit your birth certificate and marriage/divorce certifications if applicable.

*Apostilled – Documents need to be stamped and verified by the United States Secretary of State.

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Is there an Italian Citizenship 1948 Case every time there’s a woman?

No, not necessarily. Only if the woman had her child before the 1948s. If she had her child after 1948, you have an ordinary case.

Can I apply for Italian Citizenship through my grandmother?

Yes, you can. Did your grandmother have her child before 1948? Then, you can apply through the Court, as a 1948 case. If she had her child after 1948, you can apply too. In that case, you have an ordinary application. Through the Italian Consulate.

Do I have to come to Italy for my application for the Italian Citizenship 1948 Case?

No, the process will be conducted by lawyers exclusively. Thanks to the Power of Attorney you will sign.

Can your children be included?

If you apply for Italian citizenship while your children are still minors your children will automatically become Italian citizens when you are granted Italian citizenship, provided that you present certified copies of their birth certificates with an Apostille and a translation into Italian when you apply to the Italian consulate abroad or the municipality in Italy. If you are applying via a municipality in Italy a certified translation of their birth certificates will be required.

**Generally speaking, minor children do not need to be physically present on the day of your appointment at the consulate. Similarly, they may not need to be present with you when you file your application at a municipality in Italy.

What chances do I have to win the 1948 Case?

The probability of attaining Italian Citizenship via the 1948 rule in Italy is exceptionally high. Courts almost always granted Italian Citizenship 1948 Cases, and  the Italian Government is not representing itself in Court anymore, Or only in a few cases. Judges assigned to the cases were the same ones granted Citizenship in the previous issues. It’s valid in nearly all the new trials started recently.

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