EU citizenship applicants often grapple with frustrating
time-consuming and in some cases, costly challenges

Friends & Family

None of us has ever
done this before!

It’s like the blind leadingthe blind.

Immigration law firms

“It depends”... seems like
their “go-to” response

What incentive do they have to change?.

Web research

Superficial, biased and often conflicting information

How do I validate whatI find online?

Foreign  laws & regulations

Difficult to fully understand, especially from afar

How do I stay on top of latest developments?

Current service providers are slow, inefficient and require their clients to invest more time than they ever anticipated

Given the complexities of the process and the magnitude of the stakes, our members tell us...

It’s simply not worth it to try to do on your own.

The global citizenship and residency industry is highly localized and dominated by country-specific law firms, and fly-by-night agencies

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